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We, at NOMER Termite and Pest Control, deliver the latest pest control techniques from the US. The CEO and owner of the company, Mr. Noel Alonzo, started his experience on pest control since 1990 and launched his own company in California on 1993. After 29 years of venturing on this kind of business, he brought the business here in our country bringing the best technology on termite and pest control.

NOMER proudly served the needs of termite and pest control. We are proud of our reputation for hard work, integrity, decent rates, and the best care for our clients. If you need a professional in pest control, trust our company to bring our expertise and passion for outstanding client service to work for you. We can assure you our utmost diligence alongside our experience and success, that apparently speak for themselves.


We provide you with the effective, secure, and reliable exterminator services that you need for your home or business. Since we want to deliver service that is personally personalized to your needs, when you call to arrange an appointment, you are talking to a real person.

A one-stop shop for product and service related to:

  1. Pre- and Post-Construction

  2. Termite Control Solutions, and 

  3. Pest Control Solutions



Navigated the pest and termite industry for almost three decades

One-stop shop where you can buy products and avail services for pest and termite control

Makes use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method

Employees and technicians are knowledgeable and trained to use products for the best performance and services

Ready to assist customers anytime and anywhere

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