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NOMER Termite Control, USA is a family-owned and operated service businessestablished in 1993 in California, USA. one-stop shop for product and service related to:

1. Pre- and Post-Construction

2. Termite Control Solutions, and

3. Pest Control Solutions

Our service comprises the latest most cutting-edge technology and methods. Therefore, your customized plan will be skillfully designed to free your home of pests and keep them out throughout the year. When you hire our company, you’d know our offer is the most effective treatment for your location and your pest. We use a four-step process to ensure that we deliver pesticide control services that meet or exceed your expectations.

1. Inspection
To pinpoint the type of pest accurately, our experts will look for possible entry points into your structure during the inspection, as well as any evidence of infestation.

2. Consultation

Following an initial inspection, we will create a customized home protection plan to address current infestations and protect your property from future pests through regular visits.

3. Elimination

After preparing the protection plan, we start custom treatment to create a protective shield around your foundation.

4. Maintenance.










Our process is inspired by the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Method. IPM is a process that aims to:
  • Minimize the risk of pest problems to people and the environment

  • Focus on long-term prevention of pests

  • Monitor and accurately performs pest identification

  • Use a combination of methods that work together to achieve optimal results rather than using methods separately

  • Eliminate or mitigate economic and health damage caused by pets


Free Inspection

We offer the best services on termite control, pest control and construction and repair on case to case basis depending on your needs. Further, besides pest control, we also offer fogging and disinfecting.

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